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Puppy O Update

Photo credit: Pete Souza / The White House

Welcome First Puppy Bo! Love the lei, little guy. Arriving in style -- you've charmed us already. Get the full scoop on Bo's arrival at the Washington Post. After much speculation, nearly as much as Mrs. O's Inaugural Ball gown, little Bo proves to be a Portuguese Water Dog. (...So Mrs. O really did mean "soon!")


White House Seder

Photo credit: Pete Souza / White House T

his evening the Os hosted what is believed to be the first ever Passover Seder at the White House, held in the Old Family Dining Room. The dinner included traditional Passover dishes such as matzo ball soup, brisket and kugel. The Obamas were joined by friends, White House employees and their families. Read more at The Caucus blog. On a style note (though we can see just a sliver of her), Mrs. O wears her hair pulled into a loose chignon as she did earlier in the day, and a cream colored jacket.


A Day for Spring Gardening

We can't wait to see how the White House Vegetable Garden is coming along, and according to Politico.com, we'll get a peek this afternoon.

"Michelle Obama hosts an event at the White House Kitchen Garden. Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack and students from Bancroft Elementary join her."

In the meantime, we'll share a slideshow of the First Lady's White House style to date, and a good read that speaks to a greater symbolism in Mrs. O's wardrobe.

New York Magazine: Michelle Obama Look Book

New York Times: "The End of 'Wife Wear'"

Update: Thanks to Edwina who shared this new Huffington Post piece, which shows Secretary of State Hillary Clinton embracing the brooch and belt combo. Update: Much activity in the garden this afternoon. White House chef Sam Kass joined Mrs. O in helping the students to plant the vegetables and herbs. Photo by The White House Addtionally we have a short video from NBC which shows Mrs. O hard at work in the garden, dressed in a raspberry windbreaker, cropped black pants and black velcro sneaks. Very garden chic.


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"If you're going to do a bow..."


Image used with kind permission from Flickr user Bulldogmi

Dave of Bulldogmi.com has been kind enough to let us highlight a story he posted on his own site this weekend. Not only did Dave and his wife Kathleen score a prime position to hear the President speak in Prague on Sunday, they managed to shake President Mr. O's hand and have conversations with both Rahm Emanuel and the First Lady. If that wasn't enough, they even inquired with Mrs. O about her Moschino bow blouse - and yes, we love them for it. Here is the resulting bit of banter:

Kathleen: “I loved the Vogue cover”

First Lady Mrs. O: “Thank you so much”

Kathleen (and woman over my shoulder): “Love the bow too”

First Lady Mrs. O: “It’s a big bow”

Bulldogmi: “That’s funny. All the women down here said the same thing.”

First Lady Mrs. O: “If you’re going to do a bow, I think it should be a BIG bow.”

Bulldogmi: “I agree…I always do the same when I wear a bow”

First Lady Mrs. O: [Laughter]

To read the full post and see more pictures, click here.


Like Mother, Like Daughter

Image used with kind permission from Essence

Mother’s Day came early to Essence magazine, and we couldn’t be more excited. Their May issue features a beautiful, warm photograph of Mrs. O and her mother, Marian Robinson, on the cover. Inside, their first joint interview is a delight, with lots of new tidbits—including the fact that the First Lady has yet to redecorate her office. Mother and daughter share insights into how they handled the transitional move, their beliefs about raising confident kids, and their love of strong marriages.

The fashion choices for the magazine’s photographs are as refreshing as springtime itself. Mrs. O indulges her love of floral prints again, this time wearing a silk rose print dress from Talbots. The print is a watercolor style, featuring large lagoon blue and turquoise roses plus green leaves, both detailed in black. Over the dress (which the Talbots web site tells us is a sleeveless fitted bodice design with a pleated skirt), Mrs. O is wearing a tissue cotton Kelly green sweater edged in blue by Hanii Y. Belted over the sweater is a wide silver-studded belt by Sacai.

Mrs. Robinson wears a Dear cashmere sweater, her own layered loden green and white tops and khaki pants, and a vintage three-strand pearl necklace mixed with a necklace by Martin Margiela. The Margiela piece consists of large white beads partly interwoven with a dark chain. By layering the pearls and the Margiela necklaces together, Mrs. R brings a contemporary bit of sass to a traditional pearl piece. The reach and mix of fashion here is fascinating.

Talbots is a traditional brand, started in Massachusetts in 1947, and long known for the preppy approach to style, including sheath dresses and twin sets. There are Talbots stores across the country, plus shoppers can buy from them via catalogues or online. Hanii Y is half of the design team of Y & Kei; she draws on her Korean heritage to bring a streamlined cut and bold colors to her work.

And Sacai is a Japanese design house based in the Marais section of Paris. Having established its own niche market over the past 10 years, Sacai feels no need for runway shows or fancy press presentations. It is a fashion insider’s designer, as is Margiela, a Belgium designer so mysterious that he has never had his photo taken.

How did such diverse designers, of varying availability, come together here? The answer is, once again, the master of the mix: Chicagoan Ikram Goldman. She carries Hanii Y, Sacai, and Martin Margiela at her cinnabar lacquered boutique. By combining traditional American clothes with edgy fashion insider accessories, the message truly says, We are one. It’s a sentiment that both Mrs. O and her mother express in the interview. When asked if she had a Mother’s Day message to pass on to readers, Mrs. Robinson said, “Things are going well for me. For other mothers, I hope they can enjoy their Mother’s Day as peacefully and as happily as I will.” What a great way to lead into spring. Image used with kind permission from Essence