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More Zero + Maria Cornejo for Mrs. O

Mrs. O's Saturday ensemble remains somewhat of a mystery. Who designed that incredibly chic black coat? We'd like to know as much as you would. The designer of at least one piece from Saturday has been revealed. Underneath Mrs. O's coat was a refined purple jacket with clean lines reminiscent of a familiar pair of suits. Indeed the jacket is from the same label, Zero + Maria Cornejo, one of the most exciting in Mrs. O's style line-up. "I am thrilled that Michelle Obama is wearing Zero. Like many of the women that purchase the collection, she is a woman of strength, integrity and intellect," Cornejo says. The jacket belongs to a collection of eight suits that Maria Cornejo designed and tailored for Mrs. O, each in a varying jewel tone. This begs the question, might we see more Zero + Maria Corenjo in the next few days?

Mrs. O Steps Out in Washingto

We Are One

Photo by Kevin Mazur for the Presidential Inaugural Committee / Creative Commons

We try to refrain from gushing, but on this occasion we find it more difficult. As Mrs. O walked down the steps of the Lincoln Memorial for this afternoon's celebration, the reality that she will be our First Lady finally sunk in. In her style today, we saw a subtle shift befitting of her new role - was it possible that she looked even more impossibly elegant and polished than ever before? For today's celebration, Mrs. O wore a thoroughly well-styled ensemble in camel and black. Her black top sparkled with beaded embellishment radiating from the neckline, and was paired with a camel color knee-length wool skirt. A signature black belt added definition at the waist. Mrs. O's look was topped by a long black scarf and camel color wool coat that coordinated with her skirt. Her coat also brought an unexpected detail - a black lining - that drew the eye in and seamlessly blended with her black top and scarf. Black leather gloves, patent leather kitten heels and long sparkling earrings added polished touches to what was overall, an incredibly cohesive and memorable look. A quote in the current issue of Time from designer Thakoon Panichgul was evoked instantly when we saw Mrs. O this afternoon:

"She is someone with authority and style that people can look up to," says Panichgul. "It's a new way of looking at fashion ... this is about confidence, power and intellect. It's about something more real."

And on that note, we will spend the rest of the evening celebrating you, Mrs. O, and your truly remarkable family. Perhaps this goes without saying, but we look forward to the next several days with unbridled excitement. Today confirmed at least one thing for sure - a tastemaker and style icon, you already are. Update: The LA Times reveals that Mrs. O's ensemble yesterday was the work of Narciso Rodriguez, the same designer responsible for her fashion forward, though somewhat controversial red and black election night dress. Mrs. O has a long history with the designer, wearing his clothes throughout the campaign and notably, for her 2007 photoshoot with Vogue. While we assume yesterday's ensemble was a custom creation, the coat, in particular, appears most inspired by this look from the designer's Fall 2007 RTW collection. The contrast of the ivory wool and interior black lining creates a similar graphic effect to yesterday's camel and black combination. Booth Moore of the LA TImes described Mrs. O's look as "strong, elegant and above all modern." The Presidential Inaugural Committee has released photos from Sunday's events on Flickr. The Huffington Post also has a great slideshow of Mrs. O's recent looks, including close-up images that better show the "sparkle" detail of her top. And per the LA Times, Mrs. O was indeed wearing Loree Rodkin earrings for yesterday's celebration (as suggested by our own Mrs. C in the comments section!)


A Shining Moment: Mrs. O's Purse

As Mrs. O exited the train in Union Station Saturday night, we couldn't help but catch a flash of a black patent purse over her shoulder. As large as a tote, the purse was sleek and shiny, providing a welcome gleam for a winter day. Long a harbinger of spring, patent leather for winter wear started becoming popular a little over a year ago. Large patent purses and totes are now available at every price point, from Marc Jacobs or Miu Miu to Land's End or Target - one more example of democracy fashion in action. Contrasting nicely against her black coat, the patent purse was one more example of how Mrs. O's fashion sense continues to shine on.

Whistle-Stop Chic

Barack and MIchelle Obama Image used with kind permission from photographer seannaber 18dsn Obama Whistle Stop 014Image used with kind permission from photographer Dave Chambers

Both Mrs. O's 45th year and the upcoming week of inaugural celebrations are off to a terrifically chic start. Mrs. O was beautifully bundled up for today's historic "whistle-stop" train ride in a black wool swing coat with bracelet length sleeves and exaggerated collar. We recognized the coat from Mrs. O's mid-November dinner date with president-elect Mr. O in Chicago. A purple knit scarf and leather gloves added a punch of color to the look, while coordinating with Mrs. O's understated purple cardigan underneath. For more glimpses of our glamorous Mrs. O during the "whiste stop" tour, continue reading below.

17 Jan 2009

Image used with kind permission from photographers L. and R. Gravell


Happy Birthday Mrs. O

Michelle LaVaughn Robinson Obama michelle-obama-democratic-convention-26aug2008-10

Photo by Flickr photographer mikebaird / Creative Commons

Michelle LaVaughn Robinson Obama, our Mrs. O, was born January 17, 1964, which makes this her 45th birthday. To borrow the perfect words of RJT, a regular on Mrs-O.org, she is at once an inspiration and a revelation. We could not be more excited for the days ahead.