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Motor City Miss

IMG_7530_1Photo credit: Flickr user Barack Obama // Creative Commons

Well, it was bound to happen at some point. We hate to say it, but this is not our favorite look on Mrs. O. While campaigning northeast of Detroit last week, Mrs. O layered a cropped mini-trench in jade green with a purple striped long sleeve tee and slim black pants. We can't quite put our finger on what's not working. We like the attempt to mix colors and pattern, but taken as a whole, there's just something off. There's a casualness to the top half that doesn't quite match the bottom. And perhaps one hue too many in the total mix. Were the jacket left out of the equation, we think the look would have been much better. Mrs. O is human, and just like the rest of us, her fashion isn't always flawless. Almost, but not always. We like that she's trying new things, but wouldn't be horribly disappointed if this particular look went to the back of the closet.

Date: October 2, 2008

Venue: Voter registration rally, Chippewa Valley High School, Clinton Township, MI

Update: The jacket is Duro Olowu, from the designer's Spring 2008 collection.


Hidden Gem: LGBT Luncheon Dress

20080826womensforum_003Photo credit: Flickr user Barack Obama // Creative Commons Michelle Obama at the LGBT Delegates LuncheonPhoto used with kind permission from Flickr photographer Towleroad

We wanted to pay tribute to one of our favorite Mrs. O looks in recent months. During the DNC week, Mrs. O wore a stunning mix of natural hues to speak at a LGBT luncheon. Her dress was made of pleated chiffon in mushroom, shaped at the waist by a matching belt. Gold and bronze multi-strand beads were a lovely accent to the overall look, and a fresh alternative to traditional pearls. Mrs. O wore two variations of the ensemble, at one point also paired with a cream three-quarter sleeve cardigan. Interestingly, we believe Mrs. O wore the same dress in azure blue for her appearance on "The Colbert Report" in April, and yet again in punchy pink for a campaign trip to Puerto Rico in May. Notice the similarities in the chiffon fabric, pleats and cut. As observed in our post about Mrs. O's matching jackets, we get the sense that when something works, Mrs. O likes to buy more than one. For someone constantly on the road, with multiple public engagements per week, buying in bulk must be the most practical way to shop. Mrs. O, so fashion savvy and yet so practical.

Date: August 26, 2008 Venue: LGBT luncheon, Democratic National Convention

Designer: Pleated dress by Rodarte; Pearls by Erickson Beamon


Red in the Rockies (and KC)


michelle closeup

Photo used with kind permission from photographer Jeff Fryer: www.jefffryerphotography.com

Mrs. O was working overtime on Wednesday, making two campaign stops in a single day: a morning voter registration rally at the University of Colorado at Boulder, followed by a quick jaunt to Kansas City, Missouri for an early evening session. How did Mrs. O manage to stay poised and polished through a grueling day? She wore a basic but bold, red ribbed (and wrinkle resistant?) twinset, accompanied by tailored black trousers and a signature jeweled brooch. As the day wore on, Mrs. O adjusted her look, rolling up her sleeves, tying her cardigan around her neck and repositioning her brooch on the front of her red tee. With the help of versatile, in-between season layers, Mrs. O still looked fresh, despite what must be an absolutely exhausting schedule. Mrs. O, we hope you have a chance to catch up your sleep this weekend! Michelle Obama Photo used with kind permission from photographer Chris Pavlacka

Finally, can anyone tell us where this top is from? Our sources believe it's off the rack. But which rack? We'd love to hear your thoughts.

Date: October 1, 2008

Venue: Voter registration rally, University of Colorado at Boulder; campaign rally, Kansas City, Missouri


October's Cover Shot

Photograph by Matthew Rolston

On the cover of this month's More  magazine, Mrs. O flaunts another stunning Maria Pinto sheath dress in a punchy pink with a purple silk bow askew at the neckline. The color is a perfect choice. It's bright but not garish; stylish but warm. It flatters her silhouette with a perfect fit as always. And shows off those arms that even 25 year-olds envy. Many bows can give any look a cutesy feel, but this one gives it a wink with its size, rich color and placement. Diamond studs are the prefect, understated complement for the overall look. With a dress like that, who needs anything else? Once again, Mrs. O proves her keen sense for knowing when less is more. And for all you semi-crafty types: with a quick run to your local fabric store and a yard of satin ribbon, you can make your own Mrs. O bow for under $5.


Mrs. O's style will not decline during this hard economic time!

Photo credit: Kate Koppelman


Date: September 28, 2008


Venue: Obama campaign rally, Detroit, MI Designer: Narciso Rodriguez  H&M


Is that Narcisco she is wearing?  Or has Mrs. O repeated the same magic trick of her now infamous dress from her View appearance, of making the cheap (or rather, cheaper) look chic?!  It is not that it cannot be done, it is just that she does it so well!  


Look at the above H&M dress we found at H&M for $34.90.  Our sleuthing instincts tell us that she is, in fact, wearing the H&M version.  And although the dress in undeniably cute in on hanger, there are certain steps that Mrs. O has taken to elevate it from a normal cute H&M steal, to a campaign trail worthy frock. 


First, and foremost, the cut.  Mrs. O has proven herself to be a maven at picking silhouettes that flatter.  She is committed to her formula (for obvious reasons!): nip the waist,  release at the hip (although she does a straight skirt, she never does pegged), and open at the neckline (open does NOT mean décolletage!).  The H&M dress hits these all, and as result she looks fantastic!  If the fit was off, it would not matter if she was wearing Lanvin or Lands End!


Second, the belt swap—satin belt that came with dress to a wide patent leather one.  It is a subtle change but the nuance moves the dress from the realm of common to couture.  Too much matching fabric (ie: belt made out of the same dress fabric) can make a dress look a bit missy; a contrasting texture, like a patent leather, takes the outfit to a higher level.  I might also add here that there is NO sign of crochet loops anywhere (these are the loops on the side of the dress that hold the belt that is sold with the dress to the garment); this is the sign of a true fashionista—a woman who knows that those loops are meant to be removed!  Ladies, take note!


Thirdly, the accessories are light and refined.  Mrs. O picked an of the moment look for this dress (ahem, we couldn't tell if it was current collection or of the moment H&M) but with jewelry she goes light and classic.  She off sets the white and grey color of her dress with silver (or white gold) jewelry and diamond stud earrings.   The doubling of her necklaces and silver men's style watch add a certain element of refined casualness to the look.


Lastly, (sorry, I could write about Mrs. O forever) her poise makes anything look posh!  Her confidence and posture would make a brown paper bag look like couture!  Unfortunately, you cannot buy this at any price…  but that does mean you can get if for free!  Ladies, shoulders back and smile!  Take a note from Mrs. O—a freebie for looking like a million bucks even during this economic rut!