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Exclusive: Peter Soronen DNC dress

This is the actual dress Mrs. O wore for the second night of the DNC, prior to custom alterations. Highlighted in our Lovely in Brocade post, the dress is a Peter Soronen design, purchased through Chicago's famed Ikram boutique. The rose brocade cocktail dress in lime is made of fabric from Soronen's Pre-Spring 2008 collection, and cut in a design from his Fall 2008 collection. The original dress, above, was altered for the DNC, the sleeves shortened and a ruffle added at the bust.  We love the hidden story behind the DNC dress, and think Mrs. O made smart alternations, very sensible for the occasion.
Michelle Obama and Biden

Photo used with kind permission from photographer Marc Piscotty:www.marcpiscotty.com


Thakoon Finale

Obama/Biden Photo used with kind permission from photographer Bill Burke, Page One Photography

For the DNC finale, Mrs. O wore a rose print cocktail dress from Thakoon. This dress has since received loads of media attention, propelling Thakoon into a well deserved spotlight. Thakoon has gained mainstream exposure in the past year through Gap Design Editions and his highly anticipated Target collection, but it's been suggested that Mrs. O's endorsement will give the designer a further boost. Designers like Maria Pinto and Thakoon must be loving Mrs. O! How did Mrs. O decide on the Thakoon dress for the finale, we wonder? She gave a clue in this week's People Magazine: "I've learned to go with color and cuts that look good on me, that I'm comfortable in. Like pinks, purples and grays, fitted dresses and wide-leg pants."

Date: Thursday, August 28, 2008

Venue: Democratic National Convention

Designer: Thakoon Description: Radzimir Kimono dress from Thakoon's pre-spring 2009 collection, accented with three Erickson Beamon brooches

Get the look:


Mystery Dress

Photo used with kind permission from Fashion Intelligentsia

Of the DNC dresses, this is the only one that remains a mystery. Blog chatter points to Narciso Rodriguez as the designer, clued in by an exposed zipper down the back. However, this hasn't be been confirmed. If you know the answer, please do tell. We love the floral brooches at the collar. From photos, they look like they could be part of the dress, but Mrs. O has been seen wearing a single pin from the series post-DNC. Very versatile, Mrs. O.

Date: Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Venue: Democratic National Convention

Designer: Narciso Rodriguez dress, adorned with four Moschino brooches.


Lovely in Brocade

 Michelle LaVaughn Robinson Obama michelle-obama-democratic-convention-26aug2008-10 Photo credit: Flickr user Mike Baird // Creative Commons

For the second night of the DNC, Mrs. O wore a custom Peter Soronen cocktail dress in rose brocade. This was one of our favorite Mrs. O looks from the DNC. Her soft updo perfectly complemented the romantic fabric, feminine ruffle and capped sleeves of her dress. She looked absolutely lovely in every sense. We've learned that the designer, Peter Soronen, was discovered by Joan Weinstein, the original owner of high-end Chicago boutique Ultimo, who also has ties to Ikram Goldman. Soronen moved from Chicago to New York in the late 90s to expand his business. Famous for his structured corsetry and curve hugging designs, his following includes Jennifer Hudson and SJP. This wasn't Mrs. O's first time in Peter Soronen. The red tweed, wide lapel skirt suit, which set off much of the next Jackie O. fervor earlier this year, was also a Soronen design.

Date: Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Venue: Democratic National Convention Designer: Peter Soronen

Description: Rose Brocade cocktail dress in lime, with cap sleeves and feminine ruffle at the bust.


Debut in Blue

Michelle Obama and her daughters Photo credit: Flickr user Tracy Russo // Creative Commons

Maria Pinto has become one of Mrs. O's signature designers, so it wasn't a surprise to see Mrs. O step onto the DNC stage in her design. The classic lines and rich, saturated color made this dress feel like the late summer edition of the purple Maria Pinto shift that's been in nearly all the Mrs. O fashion coverage.

We love the fact that Mrs. O chose a dress from her favorite hometown designer, paired with a brooch rumored to be from her personal jewelry box.


Date: Monday, August 25, 2008

Venue: Democratic National Convention

Designer: Chicago-based, Maria Pinto

Description: Turquoise blue, three-quarter-sleeve sheath in double-face wool, adorned with a turquoise and silver star pin