Mrs-O.com is a blog dedicated to chronicling the fashion and style of First Lady Michelle Obama. Founded September 2008. 



The Inspiration

The inspiration came in late August, half watching the DNC, half lost in thought somewhere else -- until Michelle Obama stepped on stage. Radiant, poised and impeccably dressed, she was captivating. With each night of the DNC, the intrigue grew. Monday: the turquoise, v-neck, three-quarter sleeve frock. Tuesday: the feminine brocade dress accented with lime green piping. Wednesday: the cobalt silk sheath with sparkling brooches at the collar. Thursday, the crescendo at its peak: the pink and black patterned dress, embellished with a bit of sparkle. Having not paid much attention to Michelle Obama's style before, we were suddenly obsessed. We wanted to know and see more. But it wasn't until days later and endless googling that we felt even half satisfied. We couldn't be the only one interested, could we? What we wanted was a place to follow Mrs. O's fashion. A regular look at what and who she's wearing. A place for others to contribute, and share mutual enthusiam.
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