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The First Lady was in Omaha, Nebraska yesterday for an event at Girls Inc., an organization that inspires girls to be "strong, smart and bold." On the style front, Mrs. O wore a Resort 2010 Balenciaga sheath dress, a first lady favorite that has been seen before here and here.

One of the young women in attendance had the opportunity to ask Mrs. Obama if she embodied the Girls Inc. values:

Q:  My name is Aviera Pittman, I am 12 years old.  Do you believe you are strong, smart and bold, and why?

MRS. OBAMA:  Oh.  (Laughter.)  Yes, absolutely, right?  I’m strong, smart and bold.  (Applause.)  You know, I shared that story -- I think I believed in it because others believed in it.  I had a mom and dad who had high expectations that were accompanied with a lot of unconditional love and support. 

And when you’ve got people in your ear telling you that you’re wonderful, you start believing it.  And that’s why what you have here at Girls Inc. is so important.  Believe what people are saying about you.  Believe that.  Take in that good energy.  Own it.  Hug it.  Accept it.  All the good things you hear, the positive messages -- take those.  Put the negative things aside, because that’s always going to be there.  There’s always going to be -- what do we call it, girls?  There’s always going to be haters out there?  (Laughter.)  Don’t focus on that. 

Focus on the people in your life who give you positive reinforcement.  And it doesn’t have to be a parent.  It can be anybody.  I was lucky enough to have parents, but I also had some great teachers and mentors and people in my life that I would pull them in if I got some good energy, I’d just keep pulling on it.  So gravitate to the positive.  Stay away from the haters, okay?


Mrs. O in Balenciaga

Photo by Susan Walsh / AP Images

The President and First Lady attended a ceremony to posthumously award the Medal of Honor to Private First Class Anthony T. Kaho'ohanohano and Private First Class Henry Svehla today. Both men were veterans of the Korean War.

For the event, Mrs. O wore a Resort 2010 dress from Balenciaga, last seen here


In the Details

Photo by AP Photo/Evan Vucci

On Wednesday, Mrs. O continued her push for "Let's Move," delivering remarks on childhood obesity at the Congressional Black Caucus Foundation Annual Legislative Conference in Washington, D.C.

For the conference, the first lady wore a white sleeveless dress, chock-full of details. The white fabric is textured with a spray of embossed navy dots, and further embellished with embroidered pink and white flowers. The dress also features an illusion neckline, created by a sheer overlay that covers the strapless bottom layer of the bodice. If only we could see more!

Update: Thanks to the working girl (esq) (check out her beyond fabulous blog!) who helped to identify the first lady's dress as Balenciaga. You can see the distinctive embroidered fabric in the Balenciaga Resort 2010 collection, here, as well as a similar embroidered Balenciaga dress available at Matches, here.