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CTVC Exclusive: Henry Schreiner

Image courtesy of Carole Tanenbaum Vintage Collection

I'm excited to announce a new promotion with the Carole Tanenbaum Vintage Collection, featuring pins by the renowned jewelry designer Henry Schreiner. As Carole writes below, these pins are a Mrs. O favorite. You'll find them at a higher price point, reflective of their rare and special nature. The collection is available through the Carole Tanenbaum Vintage Collection here for a limited time. Enjoy!

A bit of insight from Carole Tanenbaum:

"The Schreiner jewelry company was established in 1939 but it was not until 1951 when his daughter and son-in-law joined the company that Schreiner Jewelry experienced widespread recognition. As a team, they created jewelry for such fashion houses as Adele Simpson, Norman Norell, and Christian Dior. Celebrities such as Ava Gardner, Joan Crawford and Audrey Hepburn wore his jewelry regularly. Today Michelle Obama has been spotted wearing vintage Schreiner pieces for many public appearances. The company never mass produced, all work was hand fastened. Schreiner used gun-metal, bronze and gold plating to illuminate his custom made German stones. He is known for his inverted set or 'upside down' stone placements, fancy fixtures, and original colour combinations.  He also used unfoiled stones in his creations, so that the color of the material could be seen through the piece of jewelry."


Spring Has Sprung


To celebrate the change of season, we have a treat from Carole Tanenbaum. Ms. Tanenbaum writes:

"I have a wonderful assortment of the sixties metal flowers, for your readership, to welcome in Spring. The colors are vibrant and make me happy and optimistic when I wear these treasures of the past. They are one-of-a-kind, so first come first serve."

You can find this special assortment of Carole Tanenbaum SeleCT treasures HERE. Enjoy!

Update: It seems flower pins are in demand! With more than 30 sold overnight Carole Tanenbaum will be adding more shortly.


January Gems

Our friends at Carole Tanenbaum Vintage SeleCT have a great selection of gems for January, which are a fabulous way to add a little sparkle to your New Year. You can find this darling bow pin, as well as the full selection of vintage treats HERE. Check back on the first Friday of each month for a new selection from Carole Tanenbaum Vintage SeleCT. Enjoy! 


Pin on the Holiday Cheer

Our friends at Carole Tanenbaum Vintage Collection have a fabulous new selection of vintage jewelry for this holiday season, available through Carole Tanenbaum SeleCT, HERE. Most of these treats are priced reasonably under $50, perfect for gift giving or a little self indulgence! A note from Carole Tanenbaum:

"Jewels will make anyone feel special for their holiday season. Although diamonds are a girl's best friend, these gems take the cake. They are from the 1950s and couldn't be more glam."


Update #1: There's been a bit of a glitch in the shopping cart on CaroleTanenbaum.com that won't allow orders to be processed. If you're affected by this, please email caroletanenbaum@sympatico.ca with the name of the piece(s) you're interested in to see if they're still available. Carole Tanenbaum's team will return your email with instructions on how to move forward with the order.

Update #2: Carole Tanenbaum has added 25 additional styles, including these gorgeous circa 1950 diamante earrings for $35. Love!



Bejeweled Beauties

Image courtesy of Carole Tanenbaum Vintage Collection

The Os leave for their extended vacation on Martha's Vineyard this Thursday, and with no scheduled appearances this week, why not treat ourselves to a bit of eye candy in the meantime?

The wonderful Carole Tanenbaum is once again offering a selection of her carefully curated vintage brooches to Mrs. O readers, available HERE. Prices are $45 or $75 for a single pin, and $175 for a grouping of three. There are some gorgeous gems in the mix, such as the 'Cosmopolitan' trio above. Enjoy!

A note from Carole Tanenbaum:

"We have discovered a whole new way to 'cluster' brooches! We pile them close together to resemble fascinating larger brooches. The look is both creative and sophisticated. We also have some single beauties at special prices for Mrs. O readership. Welcome in the Fall season with a vintage treasure!"