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Cheery O

Photo by Greg Flume / Getty Images

The First Lady cheered as the first pitch was thrown at the Washington Nationals and Chicago Cubs game in Washington, D.C. yesterday. The game was dedicated to Joining Forces, which meant children of military service members were able to join Mrs. O on field. One lucky kiddo even had the chance to throw out the first pitch. No wonder Mrs. O is cheering so enthusiastically!

For the event, the First Lady sported a circle print top, cropped pants, gray Converse sneakers and a wrist full of summer-staple Jordan Alexander beaded bracelets. 

Update: Mrs. O wears a printed silk and cotton knit top by Duro Olowu. Duro Olowu has certainly become a staple in the First Lady's closet! 

"Michelle Obama at Cubs-Nationals Game" [Chicago Sun-Times]


An Exercise in Style


Images by Tim Sloan / Getty Images

Almost a week after the state dinner, Mrs. O was back in action yesterday, kicking off the South Lawn Series, a summer long event "to bring local children, sports leagues, community programs and coaches to the South Lawn to participate in sports, games and activities."

On the style front, the first lady paired a black and white floral shell from Talbots with slim black pants, and what I believe are black sequin Converse sneakers!


A Healthy Harvest


Photo by Tim Sloan / Getty Images

Photo by Mark Wilson / Getty Images 

Oh how we love the White House garden ... The first lady's purple Converse aren't bad either!

Update: Actually a question. Is Mrs. O's belt purple? We can't tell, though other blogs seem certain. We're almost postive this is the Sacai belt that Mrs. O wore on the cover of Essence, here. But perhaps in a new color?