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A $384 Million H&M Dress?

Image by Peter Kramer / NBC / AP Images

Earlier today, a reader noted that the Tory Burch Senal Jacket, worn by Mrs. O in Atlanta yesterday, has already sold out. When I first posted the link, there were multiple sizes available. (Update: As of 2/14, more stock is in.)

Then word came from Professor David Yermack of NYU Stern that H&M stock rose from 210.7 to 213.7 in Swedish krona on Wednesday, representing an increase of 1.43%. With 827 million shares outstanding, the company's market capitalization rose by $384 million. Which does make one wonder – was Mrs. O's $34.95 dress responsible for the considerable gain?

Long-time reader "Charlene in Detroit" supports the correlation with this anecdote:

"To anyone looking for the H&M dress, best of luck! The H&M store in the suburbs near me said it sold out last night and people are still calling looking for it today!"

And from The Boston Herald:

"In Boston, both Downtown Crossing and Newbury Street locations of the fast fashion retailer have been fielding calls from customers looking to track down the dress, but it is available only in limited quantities at the downtown store."

Conclusion? It seems all is well with "The Mrs. O Effect" at retail.