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Women of Courage

The First Lady joined Secretary of State John Kerry to honor recipients of the International Women of Courage awards on Friday. This year's recipients include (from left to right in the front row): Afghan National Interdiction Unit, First Sgt. Malalai Bahaduri; Campaign for Democracy President Josephine Obiajulu Odumakin of Nigeria; Russian human rights activist, journalist Elena Milashina; Elman Peace and Human Rights Centre Executive Director Fartuun Adan of Somalia and National Autonomous University of Honduras Rector Julieta Castellanos.

For the occasion the First Lady wore a printed wrap dress that she has worn at least twice before, seen here and here last year. In the past commenters have suggested that the dress is Etro, which seems about right, but I've not been able to confirm. A gold star awaits anyone who can!

"Remarks by the First Lady at the International Women of Courage Awards" [White House]

Update: Hooray for reader Pam, who has unearthed a bit of digital evidence here. It appears the dress is indeed Etro.


Fabulous to Fitness

Photo by Mike Segar / Reuters Pictures

First Lady Mrs. O visited Maple Avenue School in Newark, New Jersey today, where she promoted the "Let's Move" initiative with Newark Mayor Cory Booker. Mrs. O's next stop was the New York Police Athletic League's Harlem Center, where the first lady not only emphasized the importance of physical fitness, but got in on the action. 

With the change of venue came a change of wardrobe. Mrs. O began the day in a gray top, paired with a gray, gold and scarlet print skirt. A tassel necklace (the first lady's second in recent weeks!), a black belt at the waist, and black tights and boots completed the look. In New York City, the first lady turned to athletic wear, wearing the Potion Purple Define jacket by lululemon and black athletic pants. 

Update: In the first photo above, Mrs. O wears a Jacquard floral skirt by Etro. Thanks to Maria for the tip!

Photo by Stan Honda / Getty Images


A Lovely Remix

Photo by Ethan Miller/Getty Images´╗┐

The first lady joined U.S. Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid at the Red Rock National Conservation Area yesterday to help launch Mrs. O's Let's Move Outside! initiative to promote more outdoor activity for children.

For the event, Mrs. O paired a floral Etro cardigan with a J.Crew skirt and Sonia Rykiel belt (all first seen last spring/summer). Silver ballet flats completed the look and kept Mrs. O on the move!


A Festive Floral

Photo by Paul J. Richards/AFP/Getty Images

First Lady Mrs. O visited Bancroft Elementary School today. Students from the school helped to plant the White House kitchen in March and April; today, following a reception in which the First Lady stressed healthy eating, Mrs. O helped the students plant their own vegetable garden on school grounds.

Lynn Sweet's blog  for the Chicago Sun-Times has a full report. Our favorite quotes: "Here at Bancroft, we are big fans of carrots," one of the students read. "We are also fans of the first lady."

For the event, Mrs. O dressed in a floral cotton shirt, worn several times last year (see below). The top was paired with a lemon yellow tissue cardigan (J.Crew perhaps?) and light blue cropped pants.

Mrs. O wore the same blouse a year ago, stopping for an ice cream cone at Prince Pickler's Puckler's (Thanks chimene!) Ice Cream in Eugene, Oregon during May 2008:

Update: Mrs. O wears a blouse by Etro, available (as of 10/18/11) here.

IMG_0202 Photo by Flickr user Barack Obama / Creative Commons


Pretty O

Photo by Yuri Gripas / Reuters

Mrs. O attended a meeting with representatives from Corporate Voices for Working Families, an organization that aims to improve the lives of working families.

First Lady Mrs. O told the group:

"We need to discuss flexible work hours. We need to discuss paid leave for birth and adoption. We need to discuss quality on site child care."

Mrs. O is wearing the floral Etro blouse we got just a peek of in Strasbourg, over a lilac camisole. The layered tops are cinched at the waist with a studded belt by Sacai.