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Just For You: Jordan Alexander!

If one took a vote on Mrs. O's staple accessory for 2011, beaded bracelets by Jordan Alexander would certainly be a front runner. The bracelets first appeared during the First Lady's trip to London in May, and have been an integral part of Mrs. O's jewelry repertoire ever since.

Always a fan of the emerging designer, it shouldn't be a surprise that the First Lady has tapped into yet another rising talent. Still new to the scene, Jordan Alexander was launched in August 2010 by designer Theresa Bruno. 

Curious to know more, I was delighted to have the opportunity to interview Ms. Bruno, which you'll find below. Please be sure to check out a very special offer from Fragments and Jordan Alexander at the bottom of the post!

I would love to know a bit more about your background -- where you're based, your background in jewelry design, etc.

I spent my formative years in the South before moving to New York to attend Julliard. I love the creativity of the human spirit; whether it is playing a magnificent sonata or designing a stellar piece of jewelry. I play many roles; I am a mother, a wife, and a business woman, and my day may take me from the set of a commercial shoot into the boardroom of a major company. In any role, I try to embody that creative spirit in my work. I started designing for myself about three years ago and was amazed when numbers of individuals in the fashion industry would ask to buy my designs off of me. Today, I operate Jordan Alexander from Birmingham, Alabama as a LA- and New York-based company.

What was the inspiration for Jordan Alexander? 

The inspiration and corresponding journey that led me to starting the line all stemmed from my love and appreciation for beauty and artistry. The true beginning can be attributed to my own beginning and growing up in the South – I was deeply influenced by my mother’s and grandmother’s sophistication and beautiful sense of style. They radiated class and were always adorned with multiple strands of pearls.  I wanted to accomplish that same aura, but I didn’t see myself in classic strands of pearls. I wanted to create a look that reflected what made them so classic while embodying my own edgier sense of style. So, I started designing solely for myself about three years ago to get that look.

Where does the name come from?

My business partner and I each have two sons. The name of our line combines the names of our oldest children, Jordan and Alexander.

How would you describe the Jordan Alexander aesthetic? 

I frequently refer to my look as Boho Chic. You’ll soon find out how much I truly adore pearls. I love everything about them, from the way they look against the skin and the luminescent quality of them to what they represent. Still, as I mentioned earlier, I don’t feel like myself in traditional pearls. You’ll see big, baroque pearls paired with chunky mine-cut diamond pieces, Yemen prayer beads, and unexpected tying methods. What resulted were pieces that are everyday wearable yet classically luxurious.

What is it like to see the First Lady wearing jewelry from your line?

It's truly overwhelming. I'm honored to see someone in such a position with such grace and elegance wear my line. She helps embody the face of our nation, and she's wearing my jewelry!


A very special offer:

Theresa Bruno, in partnership with Fragments Jewelry, is generously offering a Jordan Alexander bracelet to one lucky reader. Pictured above, the piece is a Jordan Alexander moonstone bead bracelet with four tiger eye beads, five peridot and semi-precious rondelles, and one antique yemen prayer bead. It's one of the bracelets that Mrs. O has worn in her Jordan Alexander stack!

Here's how to enter for a chance to win the bracelet:

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Entries will be collected from now through Friday, October 7 at 3pm EST. The winner will be announced the week of October 10. Please note: The winner must have a U.S. address for shipping purposes.

For more information on Jordan Alexander, please visit the Jordan Alexander Facebook page. For more information on Fragments, please visit the Fragments Facebook page too!

Update: Congrats to @PeruvianLilies, who is the winner of the gorgeous Jordan Alexander bracelet!