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Happy Weekend

Well, apparently this little number is indeed flying off the racks. A salesperson at H&M in Soho informed me that people have been buying the "Michelle Obama dress" non-stop since yesterday afternoon. I managed to grab the last dress at the location on Broadway just below Spring. It is a size 6, and is destined for one of you, dear readers. A little Valentine from me to you!

Please leave a comment on this post by Monday, February 14, 9PM EST if you would like a chance to win the dress. I will then select the lucky recipient using random.org and mail it to you. xo

Update: Random.org has turned up comment #55, reader Yvonne. Hooray! Thank you all for the comments and excitement. 


A $384 Million H&M Dress?

Image by Peter Kramer / NBC / AP Images

Earlier today, a reader noted that the Tory Burch Senal Jacket, worn by Mrs. O in Atlanta yesterday, has already sold out. When I first posted the link, there were multiple sizes available. (Update: As of 2/14, more stock is in.)

Then word came from Professor David Yermack of NYU Stern that H&M stock rose from 210.7 to 213.7 in Swedish krona on Wednesday, representing an increase of 1.43%. With 827 million shares outstanding, the company's market capitalization rose by $384 million. Which does make one wonder – was Mrs. O's $34.95 dress responsible for the considerable gain?

Long-time reader "Charlene in Detroit" supports the correlation with this anecdote:

"To anyone looking for the H&M dress, best of luck! The H&M store in the suburbs near me said it sold out last night and people are still calling looking for it today!"

And from The Boston Herald:

"In Boston, both Downtown Crossing and Newbury Street locations of the fast fashion retailer have been fielding calls from customers looking to track down the dress, but it is available only in limited quantities at the downtown store."

Conclusion? It seems all is well with "The Mrs. O Effect" at retail.


Mrs. O on Today

...and Regis & Kelly! 

P.S. Curious about what Mrs. O is wearing? The Washington Post reports the navy polka dot dress was designed by Swedish retail chain H&M, adding:

The first lady donned a navy polka dot knee-length day dress with a ruffled collar by Swedish retail chain H&M. The dress is part of their current collection and retails for $34.95. She paired the dress with a thick red belt and yellow kitten heels. It appears she did not wear the red sash that accompanies the dress.

The first lady's office didn't comment on who designed her accessories, but confirmed that she was wearing a dress by the fast-fashion retailer H&M.

But that's not all! People.com reports that Mrs. O had the dress customized, adding sleeves to the H&M design. The original dress, seen below, is currently available in H&M stores as part of their Spring collection.

"First Lady wears $34.95 dress H&M dress on the Today Show" [The Washington Post]

"First Lady Michelle Obama Rocks $35 H&M Dress" [People]


Mrs. O: 2008 in Review

Mrs. O sits atop many a "Year in Review" list, including ours of course. To close out the year, we thought we'd highlight our top 5 Mrs. O style moments of 2008. And in the spirit of fashion democracy, please be sure to add in your picks too.  

#1: A Thakoon Finale When asked what made us decide to start this site, we always point to the DNC. Mrs. O's wardrobe through the course of the DNC week was a true inspiration. And no moment was greater than on the final night, when Mrs. O dazzled in Thakoon's floral Radzimir silk dress, worn with a trio of Erickson Beamon brooches pinned at the neckline. Thakoon and Erickson Beamon were just two of the new designer names Mrs. O introduced to the American public this fall. Obama/Biden Photo used with kind permission from photographer Bill Burke, Page One Photography

#2: The Belted Sheath Wearing her favorite hometown designer and the color of the year, Mrs. O made a signature style statement in her purple Maria Pinto sheath dress as Mr. O clinched the Democratic Primary in June. While the stylish sheath dress deserved praise in its own right, fashion heads really turned when it was revealed that Mrs. O's waist cinching black belt, a regular accessory in her campaign trail wardrobe, was an Alaia.  If ever it had been doubted, it was now clear that Mrs. O was a woman with an astute appreciation for fashion and style. 07 obama and michelle closeupPhoto used with kind permission from photographer kayakbiker2000

#3: Making History in Narciso Rodriguez Mrs. O's election night dress was quite the polarizing force. Fashion critics revered it, while much of the public expressed a strong distaste. No matter what your opinion, it's a dress and a moment we're bound to remember for the rest of our lives, one which will leave a permanent stamp on our social history. The designer of this red and black frock was Narciso Rodriguez. Mrs. O turned to Rodriguez for several high profile appearances throughout the campaign, and we expect him to a be a regular in her White House wardrobe as well. 20081104_Chicago_IL_ElectionNight1530 Photo credit: Flickr user Barack Obama via Jeffrey Katz for Obama for America / Creative Commons

#4: The Bow Debate The More magazine cover earns a spot on our list in part because of its backstory. While Mrs. O looks lovely in a punchy pink Maria Pinto dress, adorned with a purple satin bow, and complemented by her enviably toned arms, it's what happened behind the scenes that made the greatest style statement. Understandably, More was after a knockout cover shot for their October issue. In the midst of the mounting economic crisis, Mrs. had a slightly less glamorous, but more fiscally responsible H&M dress in mind. Ultimately, the two sides compromised, agreeing that Mrs. O would wear a dress she already owned, direct from her personal closet. On the day of the shoot, however, a new style issue arose: the bow. More wanted to drop it, Mrs. O wanted it to stay. A woman with a strong sense of her own style, Mrs. O prevailed. The bow was kept, adding a distinctly personal and feminine touch to Mrs. O's cover look. 

Photograph by Matthew Rolston

#5: The Face of Fashion Democracy We debated whether Mrs. O's J. Crew ensemble from her Tonight Show appearance or this H&M dress worn on the campaign trail in late September should garner our final pick. One way or another, Mrs. O's championing of high-low fashion certainly deserved a nod in our top 5. At just $34.90, this H&M striped dress, accessorized with a black patent leather belt, won out. If ever there was a moment that Mrs. O proved true style has very little to do with a price tag, it was here. DSC_0659

Photo credit: Flickr User Barack Obama / Creative Commons

And there you have our top 5 Mrs. O style moments for 2008. Though hard to choose, each one says something distinct about Mrs. O's style. We will wait with bated breath to see what sartorial delights Mrs. O will deliver in 2009, perhaps the most exciting to come in January. Here's to a fantastic year and our modern style icon in the making, our future first lady, Mrs.O.


Mrs. O's style will not decline during this hard economic time!

Photo credit: Kate Koppelman


Date: September 28, 2008


Venue: Obama campaign rally, Detroit, MI Designer: Narciso Rodriguez  H&M


Is that Narcisco she is wearing?  Or has Mrs. O repeated the same magic trick of her now infamous dress from her View appearance, of making the cheap (or rather, cheaper) look chic?!  It is not that it cannot be done, it is just that she does it so well!  


Look at the above H&M dress we found at H&M for $34.90.  Our sleuthing instincts tell us that she is, in fact, wearing the H&M version.  And although the dress in undeniably cute in on hanger, there are certain steps that Mrs. O has taken to elevate it from a normal cute H&M steal, to a campaign trail worthy frock. 


First, and foremost, the cut.  Mrs. O has proven herself to be a maven at picking silhouettes that flatter.  She is committed to her formula (for obvious reasons!): nip the waist,  release at the hip (although she does a straight skirt, she never does pegged), and open at the neckline (open does NOT mean décolletage!).  The H&M dress hits these all, and as result she looks fantastic!  If the fit was off, it would not matter if she was wearing Lanvin or Lands End!


Second, the belt swap—satin belt that came with dress to a wide patent leather one.  It is a subtle change but the nuance moves the dress from the realm of common to couture.  Too much matching fabric (ie: belt made out of the same dress fabric) can make a dress look a bit missy; a contrasting texture, like a patent leather, takes the outfit to a higher level.  I might also add here that there is NO sign of crochet loops anywhere (these are the loops on the side of the dress that hold the belt that is sold with the dress to the garment); this is the sign of a true fashionista—a woman who knows that those loops are meant to be removed!  Ladies, take note!


Thirdly, the accessories are light and refined.  Mrs. O picked an of the moment look for this dress (ahem, we couldn't tell if it was current collection or of the moment H&M) but with jewelry she goes light and classic.  She off sets the white and grey color of her dress with silver (or white gold) jewelry and diamond stud earrings.   The doubling of her necklaces and silver men's style watch add a certain element of refined casualness to the look.


Lastly, (sorry, I could write about Mrs. O forever) her poise makes anything look posh!  Her confidence and posture would make a brown paper bag look like couture!  Unfortunately, you cannot buy this at any price…  but that does mean you can get if for free!  Ladies, shoulders back and smile!  Take a note from Mrs. O—a freebie for looking like a million bucks even during this economic rut!