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Petite Peace Maker

Down the home stretch of the campaign trail, Mrs. O was regularly spotted wearing a distinctive and optimistic pair of necklaces - one displaying a silver "Hope" charm and the other a petite diamond peace sign. The latter, in particular, has drawn an impressive following on this site. We've received several impassioned emails exclaiming, "I must have that necklace!" in eager search of the designer information.

And while the designer remained a mystery at the time, we're happy to finally shed some light. The party responsible is Lena Wald, a Los Angeles based jewelry designer whose necklaces and earrings are favored by the fashion forward celebrity set including Gwyneth Paltrow, Katie Holmes and Charlize Theron. Mrs. O purchased the white gold and diamond peace sign necklace as Trabert & Hoeffer Jewels on East Oak St. in Chicago. We do love Mrs. O's local shopping habits.

Should you want your very own, you can check out LenaWald.com, with an online boutique "coming soon" or AlohaRag.com, which has the necklace in-stock and available in both white and yellow gold. At $320, the necklace is a bit of an investment, but perfect for a holiday wish-list.


Hope and Peace 

I heart Michelle Obama

Photo used with kind permission from photographer Laura Askelin

Speaking in Rochester, MN this afternoon, we noticed what have become regular accessories on Mrs. O as of recent: a pair of layered silver charm necklaces. But not until we looked more closely did we realize that Mrs. O's understated jewelry was in fact making a poignant statement. Adding a personal touch to her casual, laid back look, the top necklace is a stamped metal charm that reads "Hope", an Obama campaign anthem, while the bottom is a small diamond peace symbol. Our friend at etsy, littlebugsboutique, informs us that the "Hope" charm was likely made by Blue Moon Beads, available here. Update: Thanks for the tip, Lily. Mrs. O's peace symbol necklace is indeed the creation of jewelry designer Lena Wald, and available for purchase here. On another accessories note, we saw that Mrs. O was sporting the same black patent leather belt yet again. This versatile waist cincher is well on track to becoming the new Azzedine Alaia of last year.

Date: October 13, 2008 Venue: Campaign rally, Rochester, MN