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Another Narciso Number

20080927_Washington_DC_CBCGala1170Photo credit: Flickr user Barack Obama // Creative Commons

Thanks to BlackSnob for directing us to another fabulous Mrs. O ensemble, worn to the Congressional Black Caucus Gala on September 27th. A bit of research reveals it's a Narciso Rodrigez design in papaya silk, with navy and black floral embroidery through the skirt and shoulder, and darting at the neckline. We've seen Mrs. O in Narciso Rodriguez before, but this particular frock is a fresh, feminine spin on the designer's often minimalistic aesthetic. And this time, we're almost certain we're not being dupped for a H&M doppleganger. This photo doesn't quite do the dress justice. If you have better photos of Mrs. O from the evening, we'd love to post them.

Date: September 27, 2008

Venue: Congressional Black Caucus Gala, Washington, D.C.


Striped in Bordeaux and Black

Mrs. O is officially into her Fall palette, wearing a striped dress in bordeaux, black, grey and white this weekend. She paired the look with the black patent leather belt worn earlier in the week. We feel almost certain that Narciso Rodriguez (Update: the dress is H&M! More to follow) is the designer behind this look. The cut and pattern of the dress bears striking resemblance to another Narciso Rodriguez dress that Mrs. O wore in April, below.


Photo credit: Flickr User Barack Obama // Creative Commons  Michelle Obama & Stacy Ritter

Photo credit: Flickr user Alex Johnson // Creative Commons

Date: April 8, 2008

Venue: Obama campaign rally, Ft. Lauderdale, FL

Designer: Narciso Rodriguez


Mystery Dress

Photo used with kind permission from Fashion Intelligentsia

Of the DNC dresses, this is the only one that remains a mystery. Blog chatter points to Narciso Rodriguez as the designer, clued in by an exposed zipper down the back. However, this hasn't be been confirmed. If you know the answer, please do tell. We love the floral brooches at the collar. From photos, they look like they could be part of the dress, but Mrs. O has been seen wearing a single pin from the series post-DNC. Very versatile, Mrs. O.

Date: Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Venue: Democratic National Convention

Designer: Narciso Rodriguez dress, adorned with four Moschino brooches.

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