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Pretty in Peter Soronen

The President and First Lady attended the wreath laying ceremony in honor of Memorial Day at Arlington National Cemetery in Arlington, Virginia today.

On the style front, Mrs. O wore a painted cotton lace dress from Peter Soronen, previously seen in April 2009, here. It is a true delight to see Mrs. O wearing Peter Soronen once again! In keeping with her style signatures, Mrs. O paired the dress with green pumps, a cream cardigan and House of Lavande jeweled belt at the waist.


Introducing Peter Soronen Corsets

Peter Soronen is a name that longtime readers of this blog know well. Many of us were introduced to Peter Soronen when Mrs. O wore his ivory and lime brocade cocktail dress to the Democratic National Convention in 2008. Soronen went on to create several knock-out formal gowns for Mrs. O, seen here, here and here, as well as a number of splendid suits and cocktail frocks. I'm a devoted admirer of his work and am excited to announce his latest venture: Peter Soronen Corsets.

Corsets are Peter Soronen's signature. He began designing in the early 1990s, "making vintage corset patterns into modern dresses." Peter Soronen Corsets is a celebration of this first love, and a display of Soronen's trademark craftsmanship and mastery of shape. Please enjoy a brief Q&A with the designer below and be sure to check out his new site.

Peter Soronen Corsets is your first e-commerce venture. What inspired you to create this new line?

It always seems that when I have visitors to my studio, the girls are looking for something to add to their wardrobe, asking, "Do you have any corsets?" If I have one in stock, and they put it on, they fall in love. It was difficult to let them know that I was out of their size or the color they wanted. The website offers a great range of colors and allows girls everywhere the opportunity to have a demi-couture custom corset at a great price.

What do you love about corsets? What keeps you coming back to them as a designer?

I have been intrigued by the corset ever since I began making clothing. I think it is a true art form -- the way the stays are placed and the panels are cut, giving shape with a cool blend of fabric and steel that is unmatched. It is only trumped by an umbrella on a rainy day! 

How do you envision your customer wearing a Peter Soronen corset?

Corsets can be worn in so many ways, the obvious being paired with a slim sexy skirt or a full one. But I think they are even great dressed down with a jean and tank underneath for a fun night out. Oh, and don't forget, with a long white skirt of your choice you have an amazing wedding gown in no time!

What have you been working on this fall?

Fall will have a lot of great cocktail dresses in light organza with a sporty and flirty look to them. Also, nice pleated dresses in light wools that can be worn anywhere. I am really into a dress that has more than one purpose.


A Sparkling Saturday Evening

Photo by Chris Kleponis / Getty Images

The President and First Lady attended the Congressional Black Caucus Foundation Annual Phoenix Awards dinner in Washington, D.C. this evening. On the fashion front, Mrs. O wore a floor-length sequin skirt, paired with a black top and Peter Soronen corset belt. A stack of bracelets and jeweled necklace completed the look.

Update: The First Lady wears a black double face paillette fishtail skirt from the Michael Kors Fall 2010 collection.


A Note from Mrs. T (B)

As many of you know, I was married last evening to the love of my life, Mr. B. This seems like the right time to share two of the most thoroughly special, heartwarming events that have ties to both this blog and my wedding day.

Several months ago, a quite large box arrived on my doorstep -- and in it, a gorgeous red KitchenAid mixer from my wedding registry. A few weeks later a package full of beautiful wedding cards and favorite family recipes followed. The incredible part is who was behind this grand surprise -- Mrs. O blog ladies! I will be forever grateful to Posh Tater, BarbG, Bevi, Nancy, Charlene-in-Detroit, Groovy, Nyon, OperaFanatic and Mr. Fanatic.  It is the most incredibly generous, kind gesture I've ever known.

The second magical event is my wedding dress. For those not familiar with the history of this blog, my fascination with Michelle Obama's style began in August 2008, watching the DNC, as Mrs. O sat in the audience wearing a gorgeous ivory and lime brocade dress by Peter Soronen -- an absolute embodiment of strength and femininity.

Through work on the Mrs. O blog and book, I became acquainted with Peter Soronen and his right-hand woman, the fabulously chic Ellen Carey of Seedhouse. Around the time the Mrs. O book was released last Fall, I was also beginning my hunt for a wedding dress. To my delight and disbelief, Ellen suggested Peter Soronen might create my gown. What a dream it has been! Peter Soronen is a magnificent design talent and craftsman, not to mention an all around lovely gentleman. It was an absolute honor to wear his gown on my wedding day. I will share a few studio photos, below.

Thank you all from the bottom of my heart for continuing to make this blog such a special little community. A common interest in Michelle Obama and her fabulous style has evolved into something greater than I ever imagined, and has touched my life in incredible ways.

I leave for my honeymoon Tuesday morning and will have a brief hiatus from the blog through July 10. I promise to post a few links for reference to other Michelle Obama blogs and news sources before I leave.

xo Mrs. T


Stunning in Peter Soronen

Image by Paul J. Richards / Getty Images

The first lady is a vision in blue this evening, wearing a stunning one-shoulder gown by the great American designer Peter Soronen. There is a quality about this look that is pure perfection -- at once timeless and timely, embodying a thoroughly American brand of glamour. From the classic, handcrafted gown, to the impeccably chosen accessories, our first lady has never looked better. What a moment!

The azure blue gown was created using three layers of fabric -- chiffon over lame chiffon and silk. As is Peter Soronen's signature, the gown features a corset top with a lace-up back. The concept of the gown, one-shoulder aside, recalls the lavender Peter Soronen dress Mrs. O wore for the Kennedy Center Honors in December.

In an interview with the AP, Peter Soronen commented on his design: "I love the structured bodice that I do for her. I put it in a lot of my dresses. I drape, pin and stitch all that lightweight chiffon -- this look works well on the first lady." In a quote to Mrs-O.org, Soronen added, "I am honored again that our First Lady has selected my designs for the White House."


Update: A new detail to report! Mrs. O's shoes last evening were Jimmy Choo "Jasper" Rhinestone sandals. The first lady also wore a pair of Sutra Jewels blue sapphire and diamond earrings. Click here to hear Peter Soronen talking about the gown on Access Hollywood!

Top two images Getty Images / Bottom image Reuters