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Safari Chic

Photos by Charles Dharapak / AP Images

The First Lady, joined by her daughters Sasha and Malia, mother Marian Robinson, niece Leslie Robinson and nephew Avery Robinson, is enjoying a safari in Madikwe Game Reserve in South Africa today. What does Mrs. O wear on a safari? A fringed Prova scarf, of course!

P.S. Check out great Flickr photos from the US Embassy in Gaborone, Botswana, here.


New Year, New Looks

Images by Saul Loeb / Getty Images

The First Lady left Hawaii last evening wearing a simple white tee and pink leopard print skirt. This morning Mrs. O was back to Washington, D.C. and dressed for winter weather, deplaning in fleur de lis applique pants (certainly a first lady first), a gray wool coat with lace trim by Thakoon, seen here, and Prova scarf. The First Lady debuted said coat in September 2010, here. Hope everyone is having a fabulous start to 2011! 


Giving Thanks

Photo by Leslie E. Kossoff-Pool/Getty Images

First Lady Mrs. O and her daughter Malia volunteered at Martha's Table in Washington, D.C. today, delivering turkeys and Thanksgiving accoutrements to needy families. Per the Martha's Table website:

Martha's Table's mission is to help at-risk children, youth, families and individuals in our community improve their lives by providing educational programs, food, clothing and enrichment opportunities.

For the appearance, Mrs. O layered ivory knit tops with a purple embellished scarf. Perhaps another gem from Prova? Indeed! Mrs. O wears a lilac “burn-out” silk Prova scarf with gunmetal beaded fringe and white pom pom fringe.

P.S. Happy Thanksgiving dear readers! I hope everyone is sharing this holiday with family, friends and loved ones. I am grateful for all of you, and all that you bring to this blog in celebration of our remarkable first lady. xoxo Mrs. T


Honoring Culture and Custom

Image by Charles Dharapak / AP Photos

Image by Jason Reed / Reuters

The president and first lady toured Istiqlal Mosque in Jakarta, Indonesia on Wednesday morning. As is custom, Mrs. O wore a head scarf and stocking feet to tour the grounds, paired with a Stephen Burrows matte jersey pant suit. (The first lady wore the same sunrise yellow pantsuit by the Harlem-based designer in July 2010, here.) Mrs. O's head scarf, in animal print, with teal fringe and gold bead trim, puts a modern, fashion-forward spin on tradition -- demonstrating, once again, that no sartorial detail has been left untended!

Update: Mrs. O's scarf is the classic Prova “Sandinista” silk scarf fringed with three layers of fringe, a teal fabric fringe, a short gunmetal glass-beaded fringe and a pale lemon yellow pom-pom fringe. As many will recall, the first lady wore a Prova scarf on another trip overseas, during her trip to France in June 2009, here.


Sneak Peek: Prova Fall 2010

Photo by Miguel Medina /AFP/Getty Images

While belts and brooches are often the central focus of the first lady's accessories, we've seen Mrs. O employ equal savvy in experimenting with a wider range of style accoutrements as well. One such example is the distinctive violet and green print scarf that Mrs. O wore as she toured the Eiffel Tower with her daughters last summer. The scarf later proved to be the work of New York-based label Prova, which, in turn, added an exciting, up-and-coming name to the first lady's ever-expanding fashion repertoire.

Prova, which translates to "to try" in Greek, was started by Irini Arakas in 2005, and first focused exclusively on jewelry. Before starting her design venture, Ms. Arakas worked at Vogue as a fashion writer and editor for seven years. When Ms. Arakas launched Prova in May 2005, the line began immediately selling out at esteemed stores such as Barneys and Kirna Zabete in New York, and Ikram in Chicago. In Fall 2008, Ms. Arakas expanded with the launch of the Prova scarf collection, featuring scarves crafted from vintage and limited-edition silks and beaded glass fringe.

In recent months, Prova has been riding a wave of concurrent successes. Sally Singer named Prova scarves a favorite holiday item in the December issue of Vogue, the New York Times prominently featured Prova in a story titled "Statement Scarves", and to start the year, Ms. Arakas received a Ecco Domani Fashion Foundation award for accessories design.

I was fortunate to have the opportunity to catch-up with Ms. Arakas as she was putting the finishing touches on her Prova Fall 2010 collection.

MT: You recently won an Ecco Domani Fashion Foundation award for accessories design. Congratulations! What was your reaction? What does the award mean to you? 
IA: First shock, and then excitement quickly followed.

It’s such a great award to win because it provides emerging designers an opportunity to showcase their wares to a much larger audience. It provides us with a tremendous amount of positive exposure, and also to have your work recognized by such an influential and esteemed panel of judges is ace!  Marylou Luther is one of the judges and is, in my eyes, a fashion god. I was a fashion writer for many years, so I just bow down to her.
MT: Please tell us a bit about the inspiration for your upcoming Fall 2010 collection.
IA: The inspiration comes from so many different sources. I was really into Buckminster Fuller a handful of months ago, and I think the mid-century glitter balls I use in my necklaces look like mini geodesic domes.  All the scarves I design are always print and color driven. I have this wonderful doodle print for fall that reminds me of one of my favorite Creative Growth artists. His name is Dan Miller.
MT: And will you give a few more hints of what we should expect to see?
IA: Star mobile earrings, brass howling monkeys, Venetian hand-blown glass beads, white coral and black pyrite.

A sneak peek from the Prova Fall 2010 Collection

MT: I read (in Mark Holgate's piece for Vogue.com) that you designed your own prints this season. How was that?
IA: Printmaking is great fun because the possibilities are endless. I love the challenge of mixing prints and colors and getting it right. For me, printmaking is a lot like listening to music in that if something is out of key, you spot it immediately. That’s how I feel about patterned textiles. I can spot the Arethas a mile away, and I just tune out the other, less successful ones. I find it’s a lot easier to hand pick a great print than it is to make one by hand, but I love the challenge. This season I dipped a toe into the printmaking pool, and next spring I will probably make a bigger splash.
MT: Is there a common thread or synergy between your collections of scarves and jewelry? Or do you see them as quite distinct from one another?
IA: When it comes to designing scarves and jewelry, my approach is the same. For me it is always instinctual, and the minute it starts to feel forced, I stop and begin again. I just want to make things I am proud of, and that women feel like they have to have. There is a lot of fashion detritus in the world, so much stuff out there to consume. I try and focus on making very special and unique pieces that a woman will want to hold on to and wear for many years.

MT: What is happening behind-the-scenes in your last minute preparations this week?
IA: There is an Ecco Domani fashion show on February 15th at the tents at Bryant Park so I am casting and fitting models, and coordinating with a DJ to mix the music for the show. There are all these fun fringe elements that I never expected to be a part of! As an accessories designer, I never imagined showing my collection on a runway at Bryant Park. I am very excited.  

MT: Is there a Fall 2010 Prova piece you would love to see in the first lady's wardrobe?
IA: I don’t want to give away too much but hopefully one day very soon I would love to see the first lady in a Prova dress.

Update: You can see more of the Prova Fall 2010 collection here.