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Girl Power

While not directly Mrs. O related, I thought some of you might enjoy Robin Givhan's recent commentary on Katie Couric's interview and photo spread for the March 2010 issue of Harper's Bazaar (on newsstands next week). A short excerpt from Givhan's piece for the Washington Post follows:

"...The most striking aspects of the glossy feature are the images by photographer Francois Dischinger. They are an audacious celebration of a powerful woman as a boldly sexy one, too.

There's nothing reserved or hesitant in the sex appeal on display in the four-page story about Couric. The images are a full-throated, even exaggerated, rebuke of the notion that a woman must dress in a prescribed manner -- Suze Orman suits, full-coverage blouses, sensible heels -- to protect her IQ, her résumé and her place in a male-dominated work culture.

Is Couric dressed in a manner appropriate for a network anchor? These images demand that viewers define -- or redefine -- their terms.

Robin Givhan is a master of unlocking fashion's underlying messages, cultural context and nuances, which she's brilliantly accomplished here. As an admirer of the first lady's style -- which so harmoniously unites strength and femininity -- I took particular interest in this piece on Katie Couric, in great part, I suppose, because I see a degree of similarity between Ms. Couric and Mrs. O. Both women are challenging notions for how they are "supposed to dress" in their respective roles, and doing so in a way that feels very 2010.

You can find the full article here. Would love to hear your thoughts!