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Ladylike with a Twist

Video by Paul James Hay

In a June 2009 conversation about Michelle Obama's style influence at The Commonwealth Club of California, Sally Singer, then fashion news and features director at Vogue, and now editor of T Magazine, had this to say:

"It's the first time I can think of that a celebrity has inspired people to think a different way about dressing, as opposed to dressing like them. ... You want to have that idea, that you can be confident enough to bare your arms, or you can be confident enough to put a cardigan belted over a dress and not have to go to a jacket. [Michelle Obama] allows women to think about ideas of styling themselves instead of literally following what she does, and I think that's so fascinating."

That idea has stayed with me because it rings quite true, reflected in my personal style choices (hello, sparkly brooches and floral pins!) and frequently articulated by many of you in the comments on this blog.

It was in this spirit that I signed up for a fun project with TheOutnet.com, which set out to translate a Mrs.O-inspired look for the everyday gal. Please have a peek at the results, "Ladylike with a Twist," above (and feel free to be amused by the dancing, oh dear!). All clothing is from TheOutnet, available here