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Odds and Ends

There are a few odds and ends to report, which I hope will fall into the category of better late than never. Forgive me for being a bit behind!

Many will recall that Mrs. O wore a delightful blue dress while in Santiago, Chile this March. Shown below, the President and First Lady (wearing said dress) are pictured with Chile's President Sebastian Pinera and First Lady Cecilia Morel at the La Moneda government palace. Mrs. O's dress had remained a mystery for many months, but no longer. The dress proves to be another vintage gem -- a circa 1950s Blue Ribbon Lace Dress from New York Vintage. The same vintage dealer provided Mrs. O with a vintage Norman Norell dress worn in December 2010, here, as well as bracelets worn for the State of the Union. Case closed!

Photos by Aliosha Marquez / AP Images

Several of you have written to me or commented about Mrs. O's cover of the current Amtrak Arrive magazine. The issue includes a great piece penned by Mrs. O about "Let's Move", as well as a profile on Stone Barns, which the First Lady visited with UN Summit spouses last year, here. The magazine is a great read if you happen to have an upcoming train ride. You can also find it online, here. On a style note, Mrs. O wears a Calvin Klein Collection dress. The photo appears to be from the same photo shoot that yielded the cover of Ladies' Home Journal in September 2010, here.

Finally, another bit of belated but happy news. I want to extend thanks to Veranda magazine, which has written a wonderful piece about this blog and its start for their June 2011 issue (on newsstands now). It's an honor to be recognized by the magazine, and I'm truly grateful. The story is available in print only, otherwise I would share it here. Thanks to all of you for continuing to follow and contribute to this blog, which is truly the only reason such an article exists. And, of course, to Mrs. Obama, for being the ultimate source of inspiration, always.