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A Bright and Shining High Note

I've been tempted to revisit this blog on occasion, but the ending was tied up neatly in a bow, best not to be disturbed. Yet this particular moment in time feels like a pinnacle of sorts, worth recording. Like many others, I imagine, I am feeling a renewed, profound sense of admiration for Mrs. Obama.

The powerful, truth-telling speech in New Hampshire last week, and now this stunning, rose gold, chainmail Versace gown for her final state dinner - in close sequence, the latter takes on even greater significance because of the former, together a potent mix of strength and femininity, substance and style. The gown is textbook Mrs. O: a sartorial nod to her visiting guests from Italy, delivered with a pure shot of glamour.

In recent months, I have come to value the dignity and decency of the Obamas more than ever before. President Obama often speaks about the right and wrong side of history. The Obamas fall on the right side of our American history. And as Mrs. Obama ends her time as First Lady on the highest of high notes, there is shared gratitude for all she has given us.

Style will be just one constituent of Mrs. Obama's broader legacy, but it's certainly more than a footnote, more than fluff. What captured my attention in 2008 and held it for years after was Mrs. Obama's knack for using clothing as a visual medium to communicate, the message democratic, diplomatic, and diverse. The First Lady challenges convention and adds unexpected depth to the seemingly superficial - her choice of this Versace gown being among the most resonant examples.

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